Proposal:Make sure "Most wanted articles" is working in English and other languages

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See also Proposal:Most wanted articles or WIKI-links.


Lihat juga Proposal: Artikel Populer atau WIKI-links.


Make a list of all the redlinks, count the unique occurrences, sort by number, and show people a list of the top few thousand, linked from the project page(s) where people go to look to see what needs to be done.


Volunteers would prefer to spend their time on something people will actually use.

Key Questions

Who was doing this for enwiki before the dump broke?

Which project pages are appropriate to link to the list? Can we use "What links here" on to get an idea?

Potential Costs

This requires a dump without history at least good enough to grep the wikitext. Supposedly there is one of those even for English now. The other languages have them for sure.


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