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Sometimes editing & adding new content to Wikipedia can be enough to puzzle a monkey, and could be made easier by borrowing ideas from other websites.


The adding of Images & Video would be alot easier by moving to a system similar to Photobucket's, as last time I tried using Wikipedia's it was almost impossible, and alot more people are familiar with how to use sites like Photobucket.


Started a few articles on Wikipedia + similar sites such as "Conservapedia" with the Wiki software in the past, but given up & left it to others to finish off adding flashy bits like images + boxes linking to related stuff.

Likewise also a few times i've come across pages where text or images are obscured by clashing into each other, and no amount of reading through the code has brought a solution to the problem (therefore in future such situations it'd simply be a matter of using a WYSIWYG mode to just drag the picture over to elsewhere on the page so it's not obscuring the text).

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Unknown, but would be a small price to pay if it encouraged more people to contribute + helped give Wikipedia a bit of a free plug in the media at the launch of these upgrades if went ahead.


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