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The watchlist system needs to be improved for an easier and efficient monitoring of pages. It's proposed to introduce a system to give the ability for users to mark a page being watched as visited and then provide a way to compare the latest version of the page to the version at the time of the latest visit.


A possible implementation is to provide a button 'mark as visited (help)' on pages being watched whose current version is not marked as visited (at the bottom of the page in normal view - similar to patrol links ?). On the watchlist, for pages with a latest revision that has been visited (when you edit a page you've visited, it is still considered visited), there is a note (visited), and when new edits have been made and not by yourself, there's a (changes since latest visit) link, and the linked diff has a 'mark as visited (help)' button at the top. There's also a filter in the watchlist allowing to hide visited pages. It should work for all pages, including talk pages (unlike flagged revisions).

Watchlists on meta allow to mark all pages visited and mark them then in bold, but this is not practical at all when watching more than a few pages.


For a more efficient and easier monitoring of watched pages, because users often forget which revision they last checked, but also for more easily following discussion pages. This will allow users to reliably and easily monitor pages, thus save a lot of time, and expand the number of pages a user may watch, as well as more. efficiently. The constantly growing number of pages on Wikimedia projects, especially on the biggest ones, makes the current watchlist system no longer adapted to the current needs.

Key Questions

Potential Costs

  • possible technical development costs
  • possible server space costs to save the revision id of the latest visited page


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