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MediaWiki Admin Control Panel


Administrative tools are split into many different special pages, which are hard to find. It would be much easier for admins if there was an Admin Control Panel, where all of these pages are found in one convenient location that's easy to interact with.


The ACP would include Mediawiki news and update information. links to admin docs. an interface to better manage users. Include all current tools/scripts/functions in one convenient location. Allow you to manage/run all maintenance scripts without having to have access to ssh command line. Allow you to install and uninstall extensions and receive news on updates to those extensions.

Because all MW news is in the acp, it would replace the admin mailing list. Maybe in the ACP there can be a setting to forward news to all admins or a list of email address's.


Better allocating our admins/supporters time
Reducing redundant tasks
easier access to admin functions
Less admin related support questions due to easier backend manageability

Key Questions

Will the thousands of Wikimedia admins find it difficult to learn a new system?

Will this make admins feel as though they have too much power?

  • What advantage if any does this give over admins having personalised dashboards containing the key info that they use?

Potential Costs


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