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    Some images on of the Croatian Military are incorrect. Some ignorant fascist has put up insignia of other croatian fascists and titled them as official insignia of the Croatian Army. This is a big deal since the Republic of Croatia was created on the backs of croatian soldiers. By not removing that kind of content the integrity of the Croatian Ground Army is put at stake. Such content must be removed in order to honour the fallen soldiers who gave all for their country.


    Inspect every image of the army's that have fought in the Balkan Wars rigorously so that any provocative content can be removed.


    Under "Wikimedia Commons" for the Military of Croatia" there is a subcategorie named "Croatian Defence Forces". That file contains images of Croatian paramilitary/fascist forces which have fought against the constitution of Croatia. Such content has been falsely portrayed as insignia of the current Croatian Ground Army which is a disgrace for every soldier that has laid down his life for this country. Please remove it ! ! ! !

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