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Allow users to maintain more than one watchlist and to share lists with other users.


One could implement multiple watchlists and an expression syntax to form new sets from lists. An editor could for instance want to view pages from list A and B but without any entries also on list C and restricted to the changes that were made during his holiday trip so the expression could be something like "select X as (A + B) - C from Oct 10 to Oct 25" and would create a new list X. Administrators could also use lists to form categories or to delete groups of pages and, of course, categories could be added to lists as lists of pages.

(from Proposal talk:Article modification alert#Multiple watchlists)


The change log for a page can be subscribed to as an RSS feed with the watchlist functioning as a very basic feed reader. The simplest way to implement this feature might be to improve integration with external feedreaders. This would not only allow the watchlist to be divided up into sublists but would also allow watch lists from other wikimedia projects and even other mediawiki projects to be combined. The issue then is how to automatically add pages to the watchlist.



Key Questions

How can I manage all my wiki-accounts in different languages easily?

How can I check all changes since my last visit without clicking me through hundreds of menus, ...?

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