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Create a unique software system that allows for easy use of exisiting mark-ups and that allows for templates and boil plates to be expandable into widgets insted of dumb text


Write software from the ground up that supports markups like haml markdown textile bbcode etc. witch will allow for 1. better retention and attraction of users that may or may not wish to the confuseing mediawiki markup (simple interfaces and lots of markups will let more people use wikimedia stuff) 2. build a system for makeing better templates to allow for multimeida pages with interactivity (Note: this is a place in witch its better to have the template system to run on one language)


To make wikis easier to use

Key Questions

Will devs be willing to do this? Will older users accept this? What FOSS license will it use? Can thier be a easy migration system? What kind of licenses should be taken into account for the migration process? What kind of technologies are going to be used? GPL's? Propertarian Software? Does it not matter?

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