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Add a new tag <subst> (or a magic word __SUBST__) that would force the content of the template to be substituted.


Create a new tag <subst>, similar to the existing <noinclude>, <includeonly>, and <onlyinclude> tags (or a magic word __SUBST__), that would force the content of the template to be substituted. More precisely, the part of the template between <subst> and </subst> tags (or the whole template in the case of the magic word __SUBST__) would be substituted, even if the template is transcluded without the "subst:" prefix.


In some cases a template is designed to be substituted rather than transcluded (see here and here). Of course, one can always use the {{subst:...}} syntax to substitute it. However, it would be nice if one could specify this within the template itself, so that users would not not have to worry about this when using the template.

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This could potentially be used for vandalism (see Bug 2003).

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