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In the past there was a practice of certain people, who felt they had authority, taking control of certain topics, limiting the discussion and guiding it in directions they felt were correct. They gave, as an excuse for this action, the fact that the topic is a "very important" one. This can only lead to a desecration of the very principles upon which Wikipedia was created.


No one should be allowed, regardless of how highly they may be esteemed, or how much of an "insider" they are to the Wikipedia community, to take control of a topic and limit the discussion.


Wikipedia, in order to maintain credibility cannot be controled by any one person or any small group of persons, regardless of how "important" the topic may be. When individuals claim they are justified in doing so they are then setting themselves up for bribery and influence peddling. Wikipedia must not become a pawn to any person, government, or organization, but must remain free.

Key Questions

1. How do we deal with controversial topics that may have very unpopular views on either side?

Potential Costs

We may have to live with some opinions that we do not agree with.


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