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Proposal:Nomenclature and Etymology

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Many things on Wikipedia are misnamed, misconstrued, misinterpreted, misinformed, disinformed, etc. I will propose that Wikipedia create and host a new website with a New Name, or domain. For instance, or for example, InfoSource.com, OmniScience.com, Knowledger.com, Sourcerer.com, Kindergarden.com, Kirkgard.com, Clairvoyant.com, QuickInfo.com. A name and website that attempts to stay as close to the truth, etymologically, as possible, through analysis, re-evaluating, improving, editing, updating, and upgrading. Today, Google and Wikipedia are the two best infosources online, one being a search engine, and the other being an encyclopedia, but both of them have idiotic names. Why not create an infosource website that has an intelligent, informative name, and always tries to stay as intelligent, etymological, truthful, exact, precise, logical, and efficient as possible.


Wikipedia should create and host a New Website to compete with Wikipedia as an Information Source .


Etymological Nomenclature and Logical, Scientific Methodology in presenting Truthful Information.

Key Questions

Are competent, comprehensive, competitive, alternate, information source websites worthwhile?

Potential Costs


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