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Proposal:Official Anthem for English Wikipedia

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An anthem that would briefly play in the main menu of English Wikipedia before allowing viewers to continue browsing the free encyclopedia.


My original proposals for the anthems would be either "Lies" by the Thompson Twins or "Tell Me Lies" by Fleetwood Mac. I'm not criticizing Wikipedia (in fact I love Wikipedia). However, I love 80s music and those songs would make any child of the 1980s laugh in an ironic sort of way (sort of like watching The Wrong Door). They were also the only songs that made me think about Wikipedia without making me think of Soviet Russia or Big Brother.

Other song ideas

  • "She Blinded Me With Science" by Thomas Dolby
  • "Simply Irrestible" by Robert Palmer


Wikipedia needs an anthem (preferably a WAV or MIDI file that people can listen to and feel as a part of Wikipedia itself).

Key Questions

  • How do we get the music on the website in a format that all computers can understand?

Potential Costs

licensing costs


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