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Allow users to see all pages that cite a Wiki article at the bottom of the page.


The sites that Wiki articles link to are often scientific or technical, which of course is totally appropriate. But I believe that many less-scientific, potentially politically-motivated sites could also be useful to Wiki readers. If we link to pages, mailing lists, blog posts, etc. that cite a certain article, readers will be allowed to see different facets of and opinions on an issue while Wikipedia will still maintain its neutrality.


I've written a few web pages that cite Wikipedia articles but they haven't been scientific enough for me to add them as official article links. However, I think that Wikipedia users could find them helpful.

Key Questions

Would this compromise Wikipedia's neutrality? I don't think so, as long as safeguards against abuse are in place.

Potential Costs

The authors of different pages could either use a specific script or tag, or add their link manually. I don't think that this would cost too much.


This is just an idea of mine, no references!

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