Proposal:People should be allowed to create autobiographies

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    People should be allowed to upload autobiographies without citing references, since it is all about themselves anyway.



    It would be interesting to read about a wide range of different kinds of random people

    Key Questions

    How do you ensure that the autobiography is by the person who claims it is about them rather than some critic?

    What do you do about unsourced negative information about other people being posted in these autobiographies?

    How do you keep disambiguation pages from being overloaded with non notable people called say John Smith when you want to look up someone who is notable?

    How would you ensure that these autobiographies were written in a neutral way?

    Potential Costs

    Organizational only.

    Plus legal and insurance costs

    Plus extra IT and bandwidth

    plus staff costs for a few hundred moderators as its unlikely people would volunteer to be admins for such stuff.


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