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Proposal:PopularTourism- A wiki application for sharing all Mexican tourism information

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We propose PopularTourism.mx a wiki application that allows different users to contribute information about tourism resources: beaches, museums, hotels, cultural attractions. Government, companies, citizens, everyone can contribute to create the database with all the tourist resources in Mexico. Also users can define opinions on a tourist place that they have visited. The goal is to store Mexican tourism information.


In PopularTourism.mx site the user is a receiver / transmitter of information when you register / query information about tourism resources and expresses a preference on any tourism place visited. The idea is to use Web 2.0 and Java technologies to achieve this goal. If users want to contribute in our site, they have to create a personal profile according to the resource tourism, for instance a company profile for to register a hotel, a user profile for to register a beach. As part of our solution were stored tourism features + geographic location, using a conceptual data model that defines in detail the characteristics of tourism resource: restaurants, hotels, hostels, beaches, museums, etc. To define the geographic location we are going to use Google


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