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    The Wikimedia Foundation could create a project for free content pornography.


    • A fitting domain name would be required. for example.
    • Setup a Wiki. Allow local uploads.


    • Wikipedia articles on sexual subjects are among the most widely viewed across many languages.
    • Sexual images among the most widely viewed images on Wikimedia Commons.
    • An increasing density of explicitly sexual images on Commons and English Wikipedia and commons indicates a clear interest in this subject by editors.
    • Wiki(p|m)edia should be the sum of human knowledge, no? Sex is all some people seem to think about!

    Key Questions

    • Should pornopedia exist in multiple languages or is porn the only practical universal language?
    • Should fetish classified sub-domains be used instead?
    • Is prepared to translate the user interface into porn?
    • Will NPOV be a requirement for pornopedia?
    • Would this essay cause confusion if applied to pornopedia?
    • Should pornstar biographies be moved from Wikipedia to pornopedia?
    • How would you establish consent from all human participants and prevent people uploading personal photographs of former lovers without their exes permission?
    • How would you establish that all participants were legally adult at the time the photograph was taken or filming was done?

    Potential Costs

    • Increased filtering from more conservative countries
    • Large bandwidth costs
    • Loss of goodwill by alienating people who find explicit pornography offensive
    • Compliance with (any) requirements from 18 U.S.C. § 2251

    The last two costs must be tolerable considering that English Wikipedia and Wikimedia commons already contain ample amounts of sexually explicit material.


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