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My proposal involves entertainment. We all love television, movies, plays, and more. Why don't we create a Wikipedia purely aimed toward entertainment. We can take pages from Wikipedia about the shows and movies and inform the mass audience about that. However we also provide videos, news, clips, and audio files of maybe famous lines. Take Dirty Harry. We can use Wikipedia's page and then we add an audio clip for Clint Eastwood's famous line, add images, videos of maybe documentaries about Dirty Harry, such as it's filming, acclaim and also if available reports from news stations about the box office.


We create specialized pages about all form of entertainment and make it more accessible by compiling it together so the audience will be visually informed with clips as well as literally informed.


Providing the world with an easy access to media in one place.

Key Questions

It's very simple so no questions.

Potential Costs

Copyright issues, but it will generate more interest from a younger audience less interested in knowledge.


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