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New articles should be protected for one hour after creation to prevent them from being tagged for deletion.


Prevent editing for new articles for one hour after creation for anonymous and logged-in users with no particular user rights. The author of the article can still edit it. Moderators also have the ability to edit or delete articles as normal.

In any case, for plain nonsense or copyright violations, a moderator is needed anyway to delete it so the ability of other users to tag the article does not influence the speed by which these articles can be deleted. Articles that should clearly be deleted can be reported to a moderator or, more likely, a page for this purpose. Tagging articles that clearly need to be deleted is pointless anyway: just report the article plus a reason on a page and let a moderator handle it.

This proposal intends to improve the friendliness for new users who are learning how to create articles in the first place. For established users, this can be useful as well as it reduces the burden to have a fully ready article at the first save.


This allows editors to work on the article without being discouraged within a few minutes. Users are encouraged to discuss objections with the author of the new article.

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