Proposal:Provide a multilingual search engine that has its roots in a lexicon

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We aim to provide knowledge to all people of the world but for most languages we do not offer even the existence of the knowledge of the information that can be found in our projects.


We have in our Wiktionaries, our interwiki links and in our Commons categories information that is conceptually linked. When we combine the information in one application, one resource people can add the word in their language for a concept. When this concept has articles in Wikipedias, pictures in commons we can provide this information to our reader. When the reader has an ability in a language where we have a Wikipedia article, he is served. He may find pictures in Commons. He may find an incentive to start an article in the Wikipedia for his own language.


We want to have the number five reach in every country according to Sue. This means that we have to make it more useful to use our resources and we do that by providing an answer when it is at all possible. Any answer is better then no answer. An answer in another language then the preferred language is to be preferred.

Key Questions

Several technologies exist that can provide part of the described solution. OmegaWiki is one such, it does demonstrate this ability. It can include the Wikiword data developed by Duesentrieb..

Potential Costs

A demonstration project was developed that proved that this is possible last year. Whatever technology is chosen, the result based only on existing Wikipedia articles will only work for the languages where we DO have a Wikipedia article. We need to include the ability to add lexical data so that we recognise the likely article name for a new Wikipedia article.


  • OmegaWiki does allow for links to Commons and Wikipedia based on lexical information.. it also allows for the inclusion of related structured data.. Check out the concept Amsterdam and look at with a different language selected in the preferences.

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