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Proposal:Publish a collectors edition wikibreviated

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Print a collectors edition of novelty examples of Wikipedia articles, discussions, and events.


Like the Guiness book, Wikipedia could print the most captivating articles, make light of the most absurd inaccuracies and print some of the strangest truths known to man.


To give Wiki-enthusiasts a memento to remember the significance of the start-up of Wikipedia. To clue the rest of the world in on what Wikipedia really can offer and maybe make some cash to further future development of Wikipedia.

Key Questions

The key questions are can Wikipedia get the capital for such a project without strings attached and what to do with the money if this thing really takes off? No one wants Wikipedia to stray from its current set of stringent standards.

Potential Costs

Just printing and advertising costs. You use the users recommendations to build the book from content you already have access to.


I welcome all to move this idea forward for alas I have no references but would like my copy soon!

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