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Do not rely too heavily on academic experts or academic peer review, or committees of superstars in the media.

Wikipedia in my opinion does better than those in the academic and popular culture when it comes to problems in dealing with race and diversity in general. Such problems often occur on Wikipedia. But in Wikipedia more than in academia I find that different or diverse points of views are ultimately integrated in the content of articles. On more than one occasion there have been struggles over accepting views more inclusive than those usually found in the larger academic or popular culture. Many times I have lost such struggles. But in all cases except one instance, someone else, sometimes on another continent, takes up the issue I've tried to address, and successfully resolve it by including text that is more inclusive than the ones current now in academic or popular culture. These struggles are not always pretty, and not always civil, but they usually work when it comes to ensuring more inclusive content of article. .

I am a better researcher than writer, and I could be used to locate links, etc. to support articles that need more documentation. Teams that can provide supporting documentation need to be developed in additions to teams who make sure that race, and diversity gets the attention it deserves.

There are people like myself who are members of one or more minority groups and I do have questions of how diverse are those who make ultimate decisions on Wikipedia


Rather than rely on academic peer review please allow the existing process to continue as discussed above. This process can be helped by teams whose primary duties are to locate links, etc, or to provide documentation for articles, and teams who rate articles on inclusiveness, and work with research or documentation teams to provide the documentation when the article is not inclusive enough.


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Volunteers on these teams should be assigned articles that need documentation and where questions of inclusiveness have been raised.


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