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Just by giving a quick glance to the Chapters Map, we see it getting lit every single month on the First World, specially Europe. But, isn't the goal of the Foundation to reach every single human?


The Foundation should actively try to reach every single human being on the planet. Currently the Foundation sits passively waiting for volunteers to come. The Foundation should then promote itself through advertising (yes, advertising) calling for volunteers, specially in the Third World. Other nonprofits do it: The Red Cross, Greenpeace, WWF. Why don't we?


Sorry if I posted incorrectly ( again ).

Shouldn't it be possible to collaborate with and "piggy back" on organizations such as those listed above? I think a ranking Wikipedia staff member contacting them and proposing the idea should find much success.


Seing how the third world is "forgotten" by the foundation, no strategy to fix the issue at hand: The Third World doesn't know much about the Foundation or it goals, or what it does, or what the projects are.

Key Questions

What kind of advertising? what kind of other solutions can we think of? should we hire communication agencies throughout the world to promote the foundation and to seek volunteers through local newspapers, radio, tv?

Potential Costs

Big, regions could be focused, for example the main users of the projects are the young (16-45), in latin america for example there are cable tv channels that focus on that demographic (For example, MTV Latin America) one ad, one payment one region.


Plenty at the Wikimania 2009 and (minor scale) Wikimania 2008 panels and discussion. Chapters discussions.

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