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Proposal:Rebranding and Aesthetical changes

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I propose calling Wikipedia "A LIVING ENCYCLOPEDIA" instead of the "the free encyclopedia". A minor Re-branding effort to raise Wikipedia's profile and generate some interest, get noticed by the media to help with funding issues. Some Aesthetical and design changes alone would change the whole feel of Wikipedia and give a new updated look to the whole project.


The strongest point about Wikipedia is its constant ability to grow, no other encyclopedia could be considered more up-to-date than our Wikipedia. While it might have some incomplete parts, errors, it is without a doubt the most diverse encyclopedia to date, with 100's of languages and multiple sister projects, its reach and scope in unmatched that is why I would like to propose that the foundation consider adding a byline of sorts or a small description - "THE LIVING ENCYCLOPEDIA" next to Wikipedia instead of the current "THE FREE ENCYCLOPEDIA". The idea of merely being free today seems highly irrelevant in comparison to when Wikipedia was incepted, other encyclopedia have also gone free and the idea seems highly nondescript of Wikipedia as a majority of other internet services have gone free. Wikipedia has already had such a widespread impact from the usage of the word "wiki" making its way into the average vernacular and every other collaborative effort to compile knowledge from games to programs being called its own Wiki suggests that Wikipedia has surpassed being described only as a Free encyclopedia. I find that to be the most apt description of what Wikipedia is truly about, a living growing encyclopedia. Its constantly edited and added to every second from around the world. the size of the articles could be used as a scale for its size or age as it grows, every milestone could be considered its age as it grows.

The current look of Wikipedia and a majority of associated projects has more or less been the same for years now, a new look(template) seriously needs to be considered by the community, nothing too major to surprise old user but enough to seem updated with regular Wiki news updates etc..


The description of Wikipedia from "A FREE ENCYCLOPEDIA" seriously needs to considered by the community. The Re-branding effort might be considered strategically to coincide before a funding drive to raise wikipedia's profile in the news media to raise awareness of the fund raising effort.

Key Questions

Most of the changes suggested are pretty minute but would have very large impact. A community discussion should be undertaken to get any further points across. A contest could be held by artist in collaboration from other online artistic communities like Deviantart etc. to run contest for submitting and picking the new template for Wikipedia.

Potential Costs

The effort would require zero monetary resources and only community effort, the regular wikipedia template would be changed so that all new pages are in line, a retro active edit would also be easy.


I have a Proposal for a Wikipedia Fund as well. [[1]]

Community Discussion

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