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    Content duplicated between pages i)wastes server space, ii)confuses readers and, most importantly, iii) creates an opportunity for content forking.

    For example, History of the United States may not always be in agreement with the History chapter of United States. What will a reader understand?


    First, No Duplication should be written as an editorial policy.

    Second, the use of transcluded lead paragraphs should be encouraged when creating summary article. Please refer to the Pathology article as example. You must look at an older version of the page because the tranclusion has since been undone.

    This example of complex transclusion was discussed here


    I am tired of maintaining the same content in different articles. Why couldn't all the editors meet in the same article? Isn't that the idea behind NPOV?

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    Why is WP:NO DUPLICATION a red link?

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    None; internal Wikipedia issue

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