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    Topic should be targeted from average people to upward. Ex. when I search for medical term, I should make sense of those topic after reading Wikipedia. Doctors may find only references very useful. and if they do not know the terms because of it is new, then he will also get lots of help from it.


    Authentic information for everything, especially for confusing article. Scientific terms and technology terms will be described in a way that a common people will be greatly benefited after reading it. It may not be very very useful for say, doctors when he reads medical terms but it gives good useful know-how and references to go further into the knowledge of the topic. Each topic should go from top to bottom according to level. If I want just a know-how then I will read first few paragraph of the topic.


    Reading any topic in Wiki is very motivating for common people. Google has recognized the importance of it and it returns first in search result. I like the simplicity with which its article is presented. Recently I read about bookmarklet, I have found it very informative. I myself a Sr. Web Developer.

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