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This proposal adds some features to the categorisation system.


I propose these new category system features for category browsing:

  • category joins - show items from more categories together
  • flat category - shows files from current category and all its subcategories
  • bring categories to the commons image half-way linked on wikipeida (preview of image that sits still on - could conflict with Wikipedia (or other projects categories), but cats could be listed separatelly - better SEO and more links to Commons
  • list ALL subcategories in category view (currently split accordingle to what pages of items category has, sometimes not showing remaining categories on second page at all!!!)
  • split subcategory paging from article or image paging

Geocoding features:

  • if a category is geocoded, load the geocode to all its files dynamically

My other feature proposals for Commons:

  • allow to automatically change "Author" in description template of an image when uploading new (but own) version of an image (when previous version is "superseeded" or radically worse than new version and the new author accepts original licensing term chosen by author of first image)

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MediaWiki has perfect categorising system, which can perfectly describe its items. However, the categories as a system are isolated from the rest of the software.

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