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Proposal:Solicited advertisement/en

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  1. Achieve continued growth in readership
  2. Focus on quality content
  3. Increase Participation
  4. Stabilize and improve the infrastructure
  5. Encourage Innovation


Allow the readers to ask for advertisements related to articles they are reading.


Accept advertising related to articles.

When reading a page if there are related advertisements present a small button in a corner to allow readers to push it asking for advertisements.

Advertisements are displayed only if readers explicitly ask for them by pushing the button and they have to push it any time they want see the advertisements.


Unwanted advertisement is annoying and tries to create artificial needs. But not always advertisement is unwanted.

When somebody is reading an article related to a product, a book, a movie, a city o a country…, sometimes it is because he is looking for information to buy the product or the book, to see the movie or to travel to the city or the country he is reading about.

In those cases perhaps he is interested in seeing advertisements and in those cases showing them, more than an annoyance can be an added value for Wikipedia reader.

For advertisers this kind of publicity can be of high interest because it is addressed directly to interested potential customers.

Key Questions

It has to be defined by consensus the destination to be given to the resources obtained trough this way.

It is different than donations where donors know they are donating to wikimedia foundation to sustain theirs expenses so there is not any conflict in using for this end.

But the income coming from advertisement will be fruit of the job made by all wikipedians, the maintenance of servers is a required expense to obtain the income, but once those expenses are paid the distribution of exceeding income should be agreed between:

  1. Finance wiki software development.
  2. Promote development of new free works.
  3. Reward wikipediants contributing to projects.

Potential Costs

No idea about quantitative investment data.


  1. Initial investment required to implement software to support advertisement database, buttons to ask for ads, defining the system of agreements with advertisers, invoicing etc.
  2. Recurrent costs to attract advertisers and administrate the financial system.


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