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Provide lyrics for all songs. First we can start with lyrics for English songs and thereafter we can start portals dedicated to various languages, countries etc.


Wikipedia should provide lyrics for all English songs produced and release every year


People like me often are intrigued by a song and since English is not my mother tongue I often find it difficult to figure out the lyrics of a song. When I search for the lyrics I often end up on websites which are laden with viruses, trojans, obscene ads, and ads trying to sell ringtone of the song to me when all I want is to just understand the lyrics. SO I thought it would be better if Wikipedia could host lyrics for all the songs

Key Questions

Would there be any legal issues with hosting the lyrics of the song on Wikipedia?

If the author of the song didn't die more than seventy years ago of a song with "All rights reserved", we can't use it. Unless the author explicitly gave permission , under a free license, we can't use it. However might be a good place for public domain poems, as that is site dedicated to original (and free) sources.

Potential Costs

No noticeable/very little costs, considering the number of pages added to Wikipedia everyday


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