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Proposal:Speedy deletion - 24 hour pause for some articles

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Some things need to be deleted as soon as you see them, some deserve a week for community discussion. This proposal would add an intermediary group that would get an additional 24 hours. Different wikis have different rules and processes for deletion, this proposal is based on experience at the English wikipedia, but I'm bringing it here because I think that other wikis will have similar issues either now or when they've grown a bit. I'm assuming that others either use newpage patrol or something similar or will be considering it as they grow.

It is necessary to blank attack pages and tag them for deletion ASAP. But it isn't always necessary to tag something as non-notable or lacking context based on the first edit "xxx was a family doctor in Penarth, Alberta born 1892, died 1963" - tag as A7 in 10 seconds. New Page patrollers working the front of the queue currently have two options, tag as patrolled or not tag as patrolled and leave for someone less cautious (they can also tag for speedy deletion, categorise etc). It would really help to have a third option - 24 hour pause. That would enable articles that were one line but innocuous to be left for 24 hours, giving the author time to finish their first editing session, then after 24 hours they could reappear at the top of the new page patrol list and "xxx was a family doctor in Penarth, Alberta born 1892, died 1963, best known for winning Gold in two consecutive winter Olympics" would hopefully not be tagged A7.


Enable a third option at newpage patrol - 24 hour pause. Paused articles would reappear at the top of the speedy deletion queue 24 hours later with a different highlight colour.

New page patrollers would then have an extra choice to make, and certain speedy deletion categories such as "very short" and "no context" would only be applied to articles that had already been paused for 24 hours.


  1. To give time for newbies who have created their first article with a one line edit to finish their editing session before their article is "judged" and potentially flagged for deletion.
  2. To avoid deleting a number of perfectly good articles that just weren't quite ready on their very first edit.
  3. To make our projects a fairer and more welcoming place for new and occasional editors.

Key Questions

Potential Costs

  1. Minor software costs to add the option.
  2. Some duplication of work as some pages will be patrolled twice, I would hope this would be less additional work than the time currently spent rescuing articles over enthusiastically tagged and the time lost because when we annoy and lose new editors.


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