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Submissions get a "editor, inspect this" box for first 100 views instead of the proposed "every submission gets viewed by editors first"


for the first 100 edits since the last block, rollback or warning from dif IP's, highlighted additions have a box any user can click on to flag the entry for review by an editor. This replaces the proposed (august 2009) suggestion now being tested by Wikimedia to have someone inspect every new submission


Per the news story, inspection of everything would require lots of manpower, while submissions of "he died" being bogus happen

Key Questions

Are is enough "free help" for Wikimedia to follow their own proposal?

  • Many IPs especially those used by schools Libraries and internet cafes have multiple people editing via them. Just because the first 100 edits by an IP are good edits does not mean that the next 100 edits by a completely different individual using the same internet cafe a week later will be good edits. So what proportion of IPs are accessed by one individual and what proportion by many editors over the years? Are school based vandals so rare that we can ignore the possibility of their existence?

Potential Costs

Lower cost [citation needed]

  • Development time for new software.


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