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African languages will not function as long as their characters are not supported by MediaWiki. We use the wrong fonts.


Have Anloc advise us what to do. They are willing to help us determine what practical steps need to be taken.


As long as MediaWiki prevents African languages from functioning technically, all the other reasons why African languages are problematic are not relevant. This is something that is easy and cheap to do. It also demonstrates a willingness to consider other languages. There is more that can be done/ needs to be done but this is an essential easy first step.

Key Questions

  • Do we support other languages?
  • Are we willing to quantify what we do to support the other languages?

Potential Costs

When we partner with other organisations, it does not need to be expensive. When we want to do everything ourself, it will be.


I have made the case for support for the Lingala Wikipedia many times... GerardM 21:35, 27 July 2009 (UTC)

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