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We are looking at building a system that will support education for Primary and secondary schools in Uganda. The cost of buying books and updating education content in Uganda is very high for the printing houses and the consuming schools, pupils and students. By supporting free online education materials accessible by desktops,laptops & phones and free to download content, we reduce the cost of education in Uganda.

Finding ways of availing cheap internet connectivity and addressing hardware needs and acquisitions are some of the key challenges


Online resource for education content for primary and secondary schools in Uganda. The content should be free to download onto CD's and other data storage devices on top of being freely accessible online by computer, mobile phones or other devices that can access the internet.


Supporting the government initiative of Uganda for "Bonna Basome!" equivalent to " Let them all get educated!"

Key Questions

Can we reduce the cost of education for our children? Can we avail our children with the best education material available

Potential Costs

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