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Proposal:Tech transparency: What are we running?

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Currently WMF wikis are running a development version of MediaWiki. As this is updated in irregular intervals, it is very hard for the average user to find out what software is live on the site right now.


Find a way to show people at a glance what features are live, what are in the stable release and what are already in the SVN but not yet released.


It is almost impossible for the average user to find out what software is running right now. To find out whether a feature is already live, one needs to find the revision in which the feature was introduced, browse the SVN log for the wmf-deployment branch and then check the Server admin log to see whether this has already been synched with the live setup. This is not feasible for users who have never before worked with systems like SVN.

Key Questions

  • What do we need to do this? Can it be done by adding a keyword to the CodeReview extension?
  • How can we help people find this information?

Potential Costs

  • Maybe a bit of programming.


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