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Wikimedia needs to branch out to other parts of the world like Eastern Asia. Thailand is a popular nation and needs more open source materials and media. A problem in Thailand is that citizens drop out of grade school or high school before they can finish to work a job to support their family. Many cannot afford the books or training to educate themselves.


Create a Thai Wikimedia with educational materials in the Thai language. Non-educational materials will help as well. Thailand is looking for ways to help improve their economy. We can create an article with suggestions on how to do that. After we help Thailand and Thai people, we can move on to other struggling third world nations.


The Thai people are good people, but need access to media and materials to help educate themselves and train themselves for better jobs. This is a good humanitarian effort. We can also have an English as a Second Language page for them to learn English, and have a Thai for English speakers to have more people learn Thai and help contribute to this project.

Key Questions

How do Thai people get access to Internet computers to read this Wiki? (Mostly Cybercafe shops and Libraries we can guess.) How do we work with the Thai government to help improve their economy and education system? How will we train non-Thai speakers to use the Thai language? What web browser support is there for the Thai language? What free or open source programs exist for supporting the Thai language and learning it? It is supported by more than just Microsoft Windows?

Potential Costs

Translation services to convert text into the Thai language, assuming we use materials from English et al Wikis and translate them to Thai. Training non-Thai speakers to read and speak Thai to work on this Wiki. Training Administrators to avoid cultural, religious, and legal problems on the Wiki from vandals. For example one cannot make fun of the King of Thailand or else the Thai ISPs will block the site as they did Youtube. We cannot violate any Taboos here.


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