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My proposed version (right) contains all the text of the current version (left), but presents it in a more logical and clear fashion. It also includes a request that all work submitted be neutral, verifiable and encylopedic - the core of our complex rulebook. Note how it also takes up less room.


The warnings and messages on the edit page are very chaotically formatted. We should take a step back and think about what it is we need to say on that page, and how to better present it.


Currently, there are three sources of the warning text on the edit page: en:MediaWiki:Wikimedia-copyrightwarning sits between the edit window and summary box, en:MediaWiki:Wikimedia-editpage-tos-summary sits between the summary box and the edit tools, and en:MediaWiki:Edittools generates the edit tools, as well as a section of warning text that follows it. I feel this is unsightly, confusing, and unnecessarily hard to spot and read. I propose that these messages be merged -- The first two should be deleted, and the text from all three be merged into something I would call "en:MediaWiki:Editwarning" (or something similar) which would be placed immediately after MediaWiki:Edittools, and would contain all the most important warning text of the three old messages, and some new, equally important text that I feel is currently missing. Above is a mock-up of my idea (the code used to generate it can be found at en:User:Anxietycello/Interface).


Making it easier to convey the core of our rules to new users, and make clear WP's EULA.

Key Questions

  • Will the proposed text still meet legal requirements?
  • Will this affect edit page load time?
  • Will this affect user scripts?
  • Does this take up more or less screen space?
  • Will it actually affect how many people read the text in comparison to the current situation?

Potential Costs


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