Proposal:To make contents of the encyclopedia more accessible to a computer analysis

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    To offer authors of articles of Wikipedia to supply their articles with the special marking doing their contents more accessible for automatic analysis.


    Certainly, knowledge have structure of a network. But in a basis of this network the tree lays as a rule . It is necessary to equip each article with a structure of a tree growing from a root (article itself) up to separate terms. ( Certainly this structure should be invisible to the user) Certainly, such structure exists already in each article (sections, paragraphs, rubrics..). However it breaks as a rule at a level of phrases, what does not allow a computer to understand contents really. It is necessary to give to authors a tool of helping a computer with this task.


    This will allow:
    - To do more qualitative machine translation of articles to other languages
    - To analyze automatically the contents of the encyclopedia: to find repetitions, contradictions, incorrect definitions (for example, the appeals to undefined terms) etc.. Especially importantly it for articles of the scientific contents
    - Etc.

    Key Questions

    To develop the rules of marking of texts
    To create the examples of the marked articles
    To create the tools of the automatic analysis of the marked texts
    To demonstrate the utility of such marking
    To offer authors of all articles to mark their texts

    Potential Costs


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