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We need tutorials in all languages for how to search the secondary peer-reviewed scientific, medical, and associated literature.


For now, we need to make sure everyone in a content dispute knows how to use the limit feature on PubMed to select only the reviews and meta-analyses. Please see the limit checkboxes on:


Content quality will suffer if those involved in content disputes don't use peer-reviewed secondary sources as the most reliable, when they are available.

Key Questions

  • What are the systems other than PubMed for searching secondary peer-reviewed reviews in other fields beside medicine, chemical, and biological sciences?
  • Do we need to also provide tutorials for the Science Citation Index even though it may not be available for free to everyone?
  • What systems other than PubMed can be used for searching secondary peer-reviewed reviews in other languages?

Potential Costs

If we don't do this, content quality and coverage could both suffer.


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