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Currently, the templates used in the German Wiktionary differ significately from the english wiktionary en.wiktionary or the farsi wiktionary


There should be a way to create universal templates, like the picture in commons and they should be used accross the projects. Also there should be more connection between the different language articles. eg. when creating a article for the word cat in the german wiktionary, most of it has already been written in the english wiktionary, there should be a easy/automatic way to include that. Wiktionary currently is not very good if one does not know the proper spelling of a word. that should be also implemented.


  • This will simplify the work of Wiktionary editors, who works in different language editions of Wiktionary.
  • This will make possible to create software for all Wiktonaries (e.g. parsers, tools, etc.). The current situation requires a programming of specific software for each concrete Wiktionary (due to a different structure of an article and different templates in different Wiktionaries).

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