Proposal:Upgrade Mediawiki as a filesystem management tool

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This proposal is associated with the bolded strategic priorities below.

  1. Achieve continued growth in readership
  2. Focus on quality content
  3. Increase Participation
  4. Ensure that the underlying project infrastructure is secure, stable, and sufficient to guarantee the permanence of the projects and support ongoing growth.
  5. Encourage Innovation.


The most part of the companies exchanges some text files by email, like .pdf, .doc, .xls...

Today there isn't any free knowledge database builder from this base: upgrade the Mediawiki PHP as a indexed hard disk files management tool would allow the development of many enterprises, and diminish the employees hardness. The Mediawiki would be able to manage a file server just by uploading them on it.

Every user should then be able to find some files, from a search engine including the tick box "search into the content", and the file "categories" (eg: all files containing "Wiki" in the category "Import").


Develop a new extension, eventually inspired by the following ones:

  1. MW:Extension:CCM
  2. MW:Extension:FileLink
  3. MW:Extension:FileManager
  4. MW:Extension:FileSync
  5. MW:Extension:FileSystemListing
  6. MW:Extension:LocalFileSystem
  7. MW:Extension:ScriptsManager

And this PHP file manager.

See also MW:Manual:Importing external content.


The foundation wiki would also be interested, for example to execute some .py or .exe programs into the Wikibooks and Wikiversity courses, or Wikisource from some text files.

Key Questions

  1. Unix-like and MS-Windows compatibility.
  2. Should we add an FTP function?

Potential Costs


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