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Proposal:Use ReCaptcha

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I do not think that this idea is worthy of a full proposal page.My proposal, however, is that wikipedia start using reCAPTCHA for their Captcha requirements. I think that the mission and purpose of reCAPTCHA and the mission and purpose of the Wikimedia Foundation click together quite nicey.


That the wikimedia foudation replaces all of their captchas with captchas from reCAPTCHA.


Wikipedia users undoubtedly answer a whole lot of captchas each day. I do not have the exact number, but I'm sure that it is quie substantial. As of now, these captchas are wasting valuable human work. Work that can ONLY be done by humans. By using reCAPTCHA, we not only prevent mass automated edits to wikimedia, we also contribute to the digitization of the New York Times archive, as well as the Internet Archive project.

The reCAPTCHA plugin provides an audio CAPTCHA (for the visual impaired), does not require any python libraries, and has a stronger visual CAPTCHA than ConfirmEdit.

Key Questions

Potential Costs

None. The captchas are hosted on reCAPTCHA's servers, and the code is provided absolutely free. In fact, the transition may even SAVE money for the Wikimedia foundation, due to the slightly reduced loads on Wikimedia's servers.

Other info

Other sites that use this are Facebook, TicketMaster, Twitter and StumbleUpon. These for-profits have realized the cost-effectiveness of using reCAPTCHAS, we should too.


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