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Within five years there will be film/video that can be edited on the wiki way.


If it would be able to upload videofragements to wikimedia servers like youtube, then those video could be edited like it would be films that everyone could work on. Translations would be as simple as speaking in an other voiceover or typing a new subtitles. Video effects should also be possible to be added. But also picture in picture for signlanguage translation. A good start would be a how to instruction video how to cook something. But free editable subtitles would also be nice. You pay for a film and the free subtitles you download from wikimedia server.


In five years everyone has a computer that could edit video online very easy. Or a touch TV that could display interactive wiki documentaries.

Key Questions

Bandwidth, storageroom and a wikivideolanguage that is easy to understand.

Potential Costs

Large, but if you work with commericals or sponsors like [ youtube] that could be willing to donate diskspace, free video's, editors. Just too keep the name youtube alive and a way to view finished film projects on interactive wikitv. If you get the big studio's so far that they sponsor the new way we view film and give the subtitles into the free domain and into the wikiworld that would a great way to spread the cost around a generate potential income instead of costs.


None or it must be the youtube project.

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