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In many current traditional universities, students gather information from teachers and professors, write lengthy articles as class assignments and are graded on them, composite class notes and extensive notebooks. This is done for many years, and this is a part of the traditional university/college experience. Once the student has graduated, though, much of the written material he/she gathered is set aside, and is accessible to no-one. Much of the knowledge, beyond the useful for immediate use, is forgotten or discarded.


Offer a package for existing universities, schools and colleges: Allowing for students to compose class assignments and submit them online via wiki, with an integrated cheat-check that compares the various submitted works for Plagiarism, and alerts the professors for any possible similarities. The works will be graded by the professors (or teaching assistants) as a usual part of the course, and be available in wiki format as sources for articles in wikipedia, with their accuracy verified/quantified. If the professor has given his/hers consent, the written material from the class can be available via Wikiversity.

Class notes taken from the actual class will be wikied-in by students, and allow fellow students that were sick or absent to complete any gaps in the written and spoken lecture material without special favors and copies pages.


  • For Universities: replacing software which may be expensive to maintain in existing universities, for similar purposes.
  • For Teachers: Helping teachers and teaching assistents to properly check for inspired works, that are copied in large portions from past student's efforts.
  • For Students: Students write in-class the same material many times, and often have mistakes or misunderstandings of what was said. Using a wiki source, edited by classmates in the specific course in your college, of the material as shown in class by your professor, will allow each student to verify his/hers knowledge and understanding.
  • For Wiki-editors: Works submitted and graded with a high grade can be integrated into the learning material and be a valuable professional tool for enriching Wikipedia and Wikiversity.

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