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    Launch a new application "WikiVote". Imagine a world, where every single voice of humans on earth counts. WikiVote is a Web-Tool to create and vizualise results of worldwide opinion polls and votes.


    Wikipedia offers knowledge to all people. Now its time to make the opinion of all the people worldwide visible. Imagine everyone can start a new global survey, everybody can join. Imagine you can see the opinion of the people of the world by one mouse-click. A map of the world will show the differences in opinion (by region, by country)

    Today, almost all opinion polls are local. The questions asked are related to what companies want to know (those are the ones who pay for it). So most of the questions have economical or political background. Imagine we could ask what we really want to know, what people really care about. Imagine we ask all the people of the world "how happy are you"? Or anything else people are interested in. The people of the world would decide by their own what they would like to know.

    In the next years we will face global challenges: climate change, poverty, change in society. Wouldn't it be the right time to start acting globally? WikiVote could be a key-tool to make this possible.


    This will create global awareness, it will help to understand that we are living on one planet and that we are one human race. It will create understanding. That what we need next to knowledge.

    Key Questions

    • Which Software-Extensions are needed?
    • How can we avoid the misuse of strategic and tactical voting?
    • Authentication of voters? How to keep people from voting twice?

    Potential Costs

    Costs for Software-Extension


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