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  1. Achieve continued growth in readership
  2. Focus on quality content
  3. Increase Participation
  4. Stabilize and improve the infrastructure
  5. Encourage Innovation


Create a wiki project that will take advantage of wiki technology to achieve scientific, political, and social objectives through collaboration. This might also be called the Wiki Idea Builder, or it might be limited to a Wiki Theory Generator.


Create a wiki project where people can define scientific, political and social goals, submit ideas on how to reach such goals, and debate/vet each idea to reach a proposal. Existing and new scientific theories could also be discussed and built on.

Developing a new California ballot initiative is an example of how this might be used. Specific goals would be defined and agreed to. One or more proposals on how to achieve those goals would be presented. Each proposal would be evaluated and vetted for feasibility, acuracy, and other criteria. Disagreements could be explored and debated. Once it appears all parts of the discussion have been presented, each solution would be rated.

Another example would be develping new, or expanding on existing, scientific theories. People could present and build on arguments supporting or countering a specific scientific theory.

Solutions would not be implemented by the Wiki Foundation, or in the name of the Wiki Foundation, but the solutions and arguments presented could be used by anyone that had the incentive to persue the original outlined goals, implement the final proposal, or test proposed theories.


I envision a place were millions of collaborative-minded people can share scientific political and social ideas, build on each others thoughts, and work out differences, based on agreed-to goals and objectives.

Social Goals: I believe the biggest problem with the US government, as well as the government of California, is the lack of collaboration. The two party system has created an environment where each party is more interested in making the other party look bad than working together to achieve real progress. Wikimedia and its child projects must be the largest collaborative work ever created. I believe collaboration is essential to compete in today's world and to achieve progress.

Scientific Theories: I, probably like everyone, frequently have ideas and theories that I would like to express and get feedback on, but the current wiki projects don't provide a forum for that. They are not intended for new or original ideas and research, but specifically look to document existing knowledge. I would like to see a place were people can share and collaborate on new ideas.

Other forums that permit such discussion are not designed to build on the proposed ideas. They tend to only permit linear discussion.

Key Questions

  • How will ideas be categorized and how will similar ideas be associated.
  • How do you keep the discussion focused on goals and objectives, and avoid partisan politics.
  • How do you decide when there is enough concensus to promote an idea as an agreed-to solution.
  • Would wiki tools provide support in any way to help implement solutions.

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