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Right now, in 2009, we use Wiki, when we are at home or at work. Besides that, we access the Wiki while we are on-the-go with our iPhone or other Mobile Internet Devices and with those mobile browsers. Its time to take the information to a higher level based on user preferences


Wiki On-The-Go. Recently I visited Taj Mahal, Agra, India. I was looking for information about Taj Mahal while I was going around it. I wanted to know the history and other related information. I know that those information are available in the web. But the Web is not available On-The-Go. Even with iPhone and 3G or citywide Wi-Fi, I had to dig for information.

What I want is: I am at the Taj Mahal location. I look at my Mobile Internet Device and launched the Wiki On-The-Go application. Based on the GPS of my current location, let the application give me a list of information. Instead of searching by entering keywords, let the search be with the GPS location.

Then I will get the whole lot of information. Not just that. I don't want to read. Let me just listen to the audio. Let Wiki On-The-Go be my tour guide. Do I have a choice to choose language? Why not!

Now extend to the many wonders of the World.


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