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    Lets share more and larger free multimedia files by using the cost effective torrent technique.


    To create a multimedia archive for all the free movies in the world without buying the bandwidth of a state.


    There will be torrent servers with commercial content trying to replace sites like piratebay, but what about free content. WMF could easily be the leading source of legal multimedia content, and some artists very much want to share their work.

    Key Questions

    • License? Free movies may be free to share but not to edit and redistribute, and may not be GNU or CC?
    • Criteria for relevance
    • Local storage? (Is there a need for backup of content to ensure durability).
    • Legal issues?

    Potential Costs

    • To backup content: Loads of T-bytes and some bandwith.
    • To share torrents: Saving storage and bandwith compared to traditional downloads.


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