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A single wiki to centralize all of the help content.


Some time ago, Thunderhead (from Meta) proposed a single wiki to centralize all of the help content. Not only will this take some of the workload off of new wiki communities (allowing them to develop content), but it will also provide a reliable help center for all of the wiki communities.


Wikimedia is now home to some 720 wikis. Each and every wiki's community is expected to create (and update) the same help pages that can be found on every other wiki. Usually, one wiki's help page will not contain the same content as another's.

  • Wikia has a help wiki set up, which is doing rather well. See
  • Localization can be done using either namespaces or a div class like in {{Welcome}}, OR with seperate wikis (see talk page at Meta)
  • This can't really be done on MediaWiki's site, since Wikimedia has very specific configurations which don't apply to everyone's installation
  • While Meta does have a large help section, it is not yet widely internationalized, being only available in 10 languages.
  • Some of the video tutorials could be hosted on the wiki

See also meta:Talk:Wikimedia Help.

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See meta:Talk:Wikimedia Help.

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See meta:Talk:Wikimedia Help.


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