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Proposal:Wikimedia Internship

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Wikimedia Internship Project Proposal: Internship Program with Wikimedia Foundation

Idea: Wikimedia Foundation currently manages some of the most developed, most advanced and most popular online projects. Most of these projects, with the free encyclopedia Wikipedia being certainlty the most interesting, can be easily come into focus of students of technical, natural and social sciences interested in pre-professional carrer internships. Students interested in data and knowledge management, organizational sociology, social psychology and cognitive science present the educational group that could prove to be very much interested in cooperation wih Wikimedia Foundation on various of its projects.

The most important common feature of all Wikimedia Foundation projects is a characteristic way of knowledge management and management in general related to all Wikimedia related projects. Access to knowledge and skills related to this advanced management procedures – that might present the future of management and decision making processes in general – should be the most lucrative aspect of internships with Wikimedia Foundation.


  • Internships should last 3 to 6 months.
  • The main goal of internship with Wikimedia Foundation should be access to knowledge related to decision making and open, distributed management processes related to Wikipedia.
  • Wikimedia Foundation must be able to provide a supervisor for each intern. This means that the number of interns, at least in the initial internship cycles, will be restricted. A dedicated committee that would decide upon interns' application and provide evaluation of their work should be formed.
  • The outcome of the interns' work should be clearly related to Wikimedia Foundation's projects.
  • Interns should be able to dedicate 20 hours weekly.


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