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Developing a Free Encyclopedia must go hand in hand with technology and use is for the various articles and media files are understandable in a better way through animations, vizualisations and educational games made by people able to do them.


I propose a more dynamic wikimedia project to help understand the wikipedia articles and multimedia files of Commons and how they are related. A draft of wikimedia animations and educational games on some topic encyclopedic as those in the encarta


For example it is easier to know how they are connected organs, systems of the human being with an animation showing the complexity of the human body can be applied equally to other subjects. Another example would show how they have changed the political landscape in Europe since antiquity would be a good idea an animation that shows this issue and can be paused by the observer if desired.

In the case of educational games I remember that in 2004 there encarta assemble one of the Wright brothers' plane, one to assemble the bones of a dinosaur and one on musical instruments in the world and each of these was explained. Also on Encarta 2004 was a learning game animation that will explain the voyage of Magellan, and so on. Clearly this would be done by progamer and computer and computer animation or amateur who can do a good job.

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