Proposal:Wikimedia should arrange press access to photographers

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The status of this proposal is:
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This proposal is associated with the bolded strategic priorities below.

  1. Achieve continued growth in readership
  2. Focus on quality content.
  3. Increase Participation
  4. Stabilize and improve the infrastructure
  5. Encourage Innovation


Wikimedia Foundation and/or its chapters should arrange press access to photographers in order to get free high-resolution pictures of relevant people.


What is written in the summary.


There is a lot of photographers that want to share freely their pictures (see Commons). The problem with some famous people, politicians, and others, is that the best pictures of them are taken by press people who obtain the best locations to take the photos.

So if Wikimedia Foundation can arrange press access to voluntary photographers, a lot of current non-free or low-resolution pictures will be replaced by free and very good quality photos.

Key Questions

Can Wikimedia do that even if it is not a press company?

Potential Costs

I don't know if these permissions costs money or not.


Community Discussion

Do you have a thought about this proposal? A suggestion? Discuss this proposal by going to Proposal talk:Wikimedia should arrange press access to photographers.

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