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Armistral 04:58, 22 September 2009 (UTC) If not English, in what language is this proposal submitted?:


Establish a wikimedical site that will give authoritative guidance by walking people through a series of questions designed to diagnose a medical condition with advise for seeking treatment or self treating in the case of minor issues.


There is currently development underway to create decision trees for medical conditions for use in a number of situations and media. Either start a similar project from the ground up using medical professionals as volunteers to create the decision trees or partner with those research bodies who are doing so already.


To freely disperse basic medical knowledge and provide a repository for the current state of medical wisdom on treatment options for all known conditions. This is vital information for the human species everywhere. It will create better health and well being universally by providing vital information to one and all free of charge.

Key Questions

Creation of the decision trees will require a specialized interface/software for usability which will be crucial.

Attracting the best contributions is critical as well as keeping them honest and safe. There would need to be a review board of eminent practitioners.

Legal culpability would have to be addressed.

Potential Costs

Hardware Software development Coordination/Organization.


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